Your questions about our rewards program are very important to us! We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions and compiled them into a list with answers. Keep the awesome questions comin’!

  • When should I introduce or offer rewards?

    Introduce our rewards program at checkout. Inquire with the customer if they have a rewards card. If the customer has a rewards card offer them a stamp if they have bought a meal.

  • What meals count towards a rewards stamp?

    All of the pasta meals count towards a rewards stamp. Soda, bread and espresso do not count towards a stamp.

  • If a customer purchases more than one meal at a time should they receive multiple stamps?

    No. Stamps may only be given out one per order even if the number of meals in the order exceeds one meal.

  • How do I enter the reward into the POS?

    Please view our POS Rewards Simulation to see how to enter in a reward. You must enter in a reward every time you provide a stamp.

  • A customer has a receipt but did not get a stamp. What can I do?

    We value and trust our customers. Provide the customer with a stamp if they present you with a receipt. Select the meal they purchased in the system, select reward and select No Sale. That will register the reward in our system but list the purchase it as a No Sale.

  • What do I do if the customer lost their rewards card?

    Provide the customer with a new card. However, they may not receive new stamps if they have lost their card. They must earn new stamps.